The British Mark






The Exceptional Organizations and Leadership British Mark is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for each sector’s highest-performing organisations. They are a standard of excellence, an agreed rating for companies who are doing something exceptionally well.

The basis for the Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star Mark provides a detailed look at an organisation, enabling identification of which organisations are the best in their specific sector taking into account products, customer service, quality, standards, employee satisfaction, sustainability, environmental factors and best practice. For a company to be shortlisted, its business and its impact must extend further than the basics. This selection of criteria looks at important factors that a company with a solid foundation in the core criteria might target to advance to a higher level of performance and recognition.


Companies who earn the Exceptional organisations and Leadership British Mark can display it on each product page on their website and partner sites, allowing people to identify the brand’s exceptional leadership and business outcomes. Offline, the Exceptional organisations and Leadership British Mark can be used on packaging, in-store, on stationary and within marketing materials.

Exceptional Organisations


The British Publishing Company and the Power 100 data analyst team are independent journalists and researchers who pride themselves on supplying objective information and research on a whole range of industries and sectors for the Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star Mark and associated awards.

The British Publishing Company is the originator and organiser of each Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star shortlist, but not the compiler. The data collection, research and validation process are undertaken by the data intelligence team at Power 100.

Primarily there are a number of main sources of research that are used in the initial compilation of our shortlist.  The Power 100 research team uses proprietary database software which aggregates data from multiple sources, including news flow aggregation and processing, web scraping, journalistic research, consumer research, social media research, online nominations, client reviews, trade research and statistical forecasting.

The ethos of each Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star shortlist, and subsequent inclusion within the Awards is both transparent and self-levelling.  We collect data on high-growth companies, from the smallest start-ups, to market-leading businesses and the leadership teams and individuals helping them grow.

Power 100’s data set is built from the bottom-up, identifying each individual business. This focus enables the data to be analysed by company stage, sector, location and other key data markers.  There are regular refinements to the underlying data set to ensure that each shortlist is the most accurate and complete view of the industry sector under analysis.   Each data set is a sign of external validation that a business is either actively growing, creating ambitious growth plans, or is a pioneer within their industry. When a company meets one of these triggers it is tracked, and a broad range of data about it and its transactions are collected.

It is important to acknowledge that other data sources are used including the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) and Invest Europe. These predominantly measure the investment activities of their members, which are mainly comprised of Private Equity and Venture Capital funds. There are also other commercial data providers which rely on a combination of technology web-scrapers, analyst research and self-disclosure by companies and directors.

Power 100 also picks up on unannounced investments and shareholdings by monitoring Companies House filings. In cases where investment is announced but the value is undisclosed, the value of the investment can sometimes be worked out using the Companies House filing that corresponds to the deal.

Our business intelligence data is powered by our propriety ‘Datascan’ software, a system that reveals over 100m connections between companies and data driven insights. We use state-of-the-art matching engines, powered by machine learning and cloud technology to reconcile millions of fragmented data points and extract valuable company and individual information. Power 100 does for companies what Facebook and LinkedIn do for personal and professional networks. Mapping the complex relationships between companies, directors and shareholders using a proprietary AI matching engine that sits alongside our ‘datascan’ infrastructure and dynamically enriches it with new information in real-time.

Power 100’s team of data analysts also monitor: government statistics, consumer and trade association statistics, industry sponsored reports, annual company reports and accounts, directories, press articles from around the world and online databases. The latter are extracted from hundreds of publications and websites, both UK. and overseas. All information is cross-referenced for immediate access. Intelligence gathered through desk research is used to guide and enrich aggregated data findings.

Power 100 also operates the creation of Internet-based, ‘virtual’ focus group meet-ups where participants gather and engage in interactive, text-based, and video quantitative discussions led by Power 100 moderators.  This team of researchers, analysts and information specialists who, together with a unique network of experts in the field, enable us to continuously deliver high-quality data and information for each Exceptional Organisations and Leadership shortlist. Exceptional Organisations and Leadership data is collated, verified and then, where required, undergoes peer group verification, thereby ensuring a highly accurate source of information.



Power 100 data analysts enlist some of the brightest stars in the data capture sector in order to ensure our data verification standards reflect the most up-to-date information. We are currently setting up our very own independent Ratings Advisory Committee (RAC), which will bring together experts in multiple business and industry verticals from around the world to share their expert perspectives with the Power 100 team. When we refine our star rating standards each year, we will take their recommendations into account, keeping our perspective fresh and relevant to each sector specific Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star shortlist.

To fulfil the performance requirement for inclusion, a company is measured on the positive impact of its products, employees, community, customers and environment. The Power 100 data analysts assess the impact of both a company’s day-to-day operations and their business model.  The outcomes determine the total numeric score. The Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star shortlist requires a minimum verified total score of 25 across all impact areas.

The questions on each company’s assessment are determined by company size, sector and market et al, with over 50 criteria. Because the assessment measures performance over the past twenty-four months, only companies that have at least two years of operations are eligible. Companies below this period are eligible for ‘Ones to Watch’ status unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Organisations must meet a 25 points baseline in order to be shortlisted for the Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star Mark. After the assessment and depending on the number of points achieved, companies are notified of their inclusion within the Exceptional Organisations and Leadership Five-Star shortlist for their sector.

Our data analysts understand that every company is different to each other and therefore needs to be assessed on a range of categories that recognise distinct strengths within their sector. Our ‘Datascan’ proprietary software indicates which companies have performed well against a comprehensive list of indicators, allowing matching of interests to the companies that are strong in the sectors under review.

For a company to aspire to being an exceptional organisation, its business and its impact must extend further than the basics. The ‘Datascan’ criteria looks at important factors that a company with a solid foundation in the core criteria might target to advance to a higher level of performance and recognition.  This includes products, customer service, quality, standards, employee satisfaction, sustainability and environmental factors and best practice amongst other key data markers.



Private company information can be incomplete and, while every effort is made to include all qualifying companies, there may be omissions. Some exceptions may have been made to the qualification criteria. The compiler’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The list of shortlisted companies in each sector is compiled based on information made publicly available by each company, and BPC take no responsibility in relation to such information. Furthermore, BPC make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any of that public information, or of companies included in the Exceptional Organisations and Leadership shortlist.

This shortlist and/or awards are not offered as recommendations on any particular matter and must not be treated as a substitute for specific advice. In particular, the information in the publication and awards do not constitute professional, legal, regulatory, financial or investment advice and must not be used as a basis for making investment decisions. This Report and awards are no way intended, directly or indirectly, as an attempt to market or sell any type of financial instrument. Advice from a suitably qualified professional should always be sought in relation to any particular matter or circumstances.