As sustainability has become more important to companies, it has caused a shift in mindset.  Companies have moved beyond perceiving it as a risk agenda to seeing opportunities for value creation and a way to create purpose.

Many companies have adopted a “triple bottom line” accounting system, taking into account not only financial but environmental and social results. Such initiatives are popular with consumers, with 85% of SME bosses saying that they believe customers want them to embrace sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability is responsibility for the impact that the organization exerts on its surroundings, in business, environmental and social terms. Conscious management of the impact translates into lower costs, improved external relations and better managed risks

Sustainability is skilled positioning of the organization in the economic reality, taking account of the social and economic challenges, environmental opportunities and threats. The awareness that the organization functions within a broader framework, amid complex interrelations with many stakeholder groups, allows it to get ready and make use of the opportunities linked with sustainability.

Sustainability is awareness that each entity is surrounded by stakeholders. Building and cultivating good relations with stakeholders based on engagement and dialogue is crucial, because it not only affects the possibilities to manage risks, but also supports development and gives the organization a competitive edge.

Sustainability is transformation and development of the organization as well as creation of its long-term value based on innovation as well as intellectual and social capital.

Creating a workplace culture that is truly sustainable demands deep seated change for most organisations.  The companies recognised within this year’s British Sustainability Awards are transforming the workplace by creating a workforce of the future and building diverse teams built on sustainable values which attract the best and brightest from around the world.

Until now it has been hard to identify the best companies when it comes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  The British Sustainability Awards will provide a long-awaited index of the most proactive companies in the UK and will shine a light on best practice across all strands of sustainability including, environment protection, occupational health and safety, social and economic impact, communication with internal and external stakeholders, supply chain sustainability, product quality continuity as well as international standards.

The Sustainability Power 100 publication will be launched within a high-quality silver foiled publication.  The companies featured within the final report will then be reviewed and a number will be shortlisted to receive a prestigious British Sustainability Award.

The British Sustainability Awards presentation will take place at a star-studded reception in Central London and it will, without doubt, catch the attention of the local, national and international media. Key influential decision makers will be in attendance to witness this exciting launch and the initiative will herald a new era for promoting Britain’s leading companies within the sustainability & corporate responsibility sector.


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